New Voice Memo Demo


Hey all, I just posted a new “Voice Memo Demo” in the Music section. This one is from this past Summer, and it’s called “One Girl, One Song”. I never played it after that day. But it’s got a nice melody and chord progression, so maybe I’ll revisit it. There are so many little songs like this one that I’ve…   …read the rest.


Leftovers you ain’t


Just wanted to give a shout out to a bunch of songs I’ve written and performed in the past couple years but that will not be on my new album. You still rock, I will continue to perform you, and you’ll find a home someday. Here they are: Balalaika (jan 2012) Blank Canvas (fall 2012) Cherry Blossoms In High Park…   …read the rest.

Photo on 2014-01-15 at 15.42

Feeling good about your work


I’ve made 5 studio albums. Having not gone through the process since 2010, I’ve been able to gain a new perspective on the process of letting go. It’s always been difficult for me. The challenge is to feel good about the work you’ve done and carry that confidence with you as you bring the work to the world. Looking back…   …read the rest.


a dream about Beatrice


This is me and Beatrice… She’s the piano I toured with from 2005 to 2010. A 64 upright. She also appeared on 2 of my albums: Let’s Slow It Down and Good Watermelon. I still own her, but she’s at the home of my ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend. Anyway, last night I had a dream about her. I was playing at some…   …read the rest.


Southern Souls Videos


Last week I filmed 2 songs for the wonderful Southern Souls video series. Me, bassist Ben Whiteley and drummer Liam Titcomb headed to Ben’s parents’ house and performed a new song, “Al Green” and an oldie, “Wait For The Tea To Steep” for the camera. The house has 2 grand pianos! So for “Al Green” we headed into the basement…   …read the rest.

At Charmaine's Place

On songwriting


I’m sitting in Charmaine’s Place, a cool new Italian-Jamaican eatery near my apartment. Charmaine’s awesome. I want to write a bit about songwriting tonight… Some days it’s so hard. I’m tense, anxious, over-thinking. And my work requires me to be loose, open, relaxed and intuitive. So it’s tied up to how I live my life. And sometimes it’s so hard…   …read the rest.

my gypsy flat-bed truck concept

Protected: Making Videos #1: Plan B’s and C’s


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Madison Pub

Billy Joel did it, so …


Here’s a quick glimpse into something I’m doing while I’m not touring, here in Toronto. I play the “piano man” over at the Madison Pub, singing songs for a lot of people in their early 20′s. I’m always surprised at how much they’re into the old classics – but maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Those songs are built to last….   …read the rest.

daniel evin, michael hoffman and mark evin

the devil’s river


just got back from a canoe trip this weekend. i went with my two brothers, mark and daniel, and our friend michael to paddle the devil’s river in parc mont-tremblent. it was a wonderful adventure. ended up with us missing our bus back to our car and having to wait 3 hours. some nice rapids. i’m getting into white water…   …read the rest.

Cameron House

Glimpse of the Cameron


I’ve been doing these weekly shows at the Cameron House in Toronto this summer. I’ve taken it as an opportunity to try out different band configurations and lots of new songs. Here’s a photo from this past Monday, taken by my friend Peter Katz. I did the show with Liam Titcomb joining me on drums and I really liked the…   …read the rest.


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